About us and our history

Imaging tools for clinical decision makers

In an environment with ever more powerful computing possibilities, new drugs under development, and the constant need to evaluate the effectiveness of complex treatment choices, medical imaging is an integral and growing part of medical practice.

Our vision is to build image processing and analysis expertise, and novel quantification techniques to position Feedback as a medical imaging tools company. Our mission is to build tools that extract every ounce of benefit from medical images. We develop innovative techniques and improved workflow for medical practitioners involved in research and in treating patients. We build products that put new and effective tools into the hands of clinical decision makers, with a view to improving patient care and reducing costs.

TexRAD has already proven its value in medical research and is now working towards regulatory approval when it can be used to enrich clinical trials and help understand the effects of new pharmaceuticals.

It is intended that products will be developed to help medical decision makers evaluate the treatment choices on a patient-by-patient basis and which are intended to support industry moves towards a personalised approach to patient care. As its technologies are manufacturer neutral, and can be used with historical images, for example on longitudinal research projects and to monitor disease progression, the addressable market includes all existing specialist imaging centres.

Our aim is to identify imaging biomarkers that can be used in the early detection of cancer, in determining prognosis and predicted outcomes, and in evaluating treatment response.

Building on CCI and TexRAD, we’re always looking for opportunities to widen our offerings through collaborations and corporate activity, including mergers and acquisitions.

Our History

  • April 2014 - Focus on medical imaging

    Feedback moves into the growing field of medical imaging with the conditional acquisition of Cambridge Computed Imaging Ltd and TexRAD Ltd.

  • 2013 - An investing company

    Feedback sold its time and attendance monitoring company, Feedback Data plc, and became an investing company under the AIM rules.

  • 2012 - The end of an era

    Following a number of years of falling sales, Feedback sold its founding company, Feedback Instruments Ltd, and its US distribution business Feedback inc.

  • 2011 - Feedback Data launches Fastlane

    Cloud based device management over private mobile phone networks

  • 2009 - Feedback Data updates terminals and launches mobile Nohmad device

    New time and attendance terminals and the first model transmitting data over the mobile phone system

  • 2006 - Launches Microtrak Evolution - next generation access control

    Updated and more scaleable

  • 1995 - Feedback Data - enters access control market with Microtrak product

    Managing people and doors

  • 1993 - Feedback Instruments - Launches Discovery software and process control products

    Education training packages

  • 1991 - Feedback Data acquires Source Computers Ltd - attendance monitoring

    Complimentary products and services increases scale

  • 1983 - Feedback Instruments acquires Powertrans Ltd - educational robots

    Teaching control of industrial robots

  • 1981 - Feedback plc floatation

    London Stock Exchange

  • 1970 - Open first US office and establish Feedback Data Ltd

    Capitalising on expansion in all markets

  • 1962 - First export sales into Europe

    Pushing for growth

  • 1958 - Founded

    Feedback was founded by two members of staff at Imperial College, London by Prof. John Westcott and Dr Peter Blackman, and Tom Strand to build equipment to teach the principles of engineering to university students.